Evaleo and sustainable health

EVALEO is a non-profit association whose goal is the development and active promotion of sustainable health for all.

Sustainable health is an approach combining the activities and best practices that impact on the behaviour, lifestyle and ways of individuals and communities. It facilitates the promotion of health 1 with the intention of a triple coherence :

  • Coherence between the needs and resources of each individual: personal development.
  • Coherence between individual needs and the needs and resources of society : social development.
  • Coherence between Man’s needs and the needs and resources of the environment in the long term : sustainable development.

For Evaleo, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being rather than simply the absence of illness or disability2. It presents itself, then, as more of an an objective, and, for the Evaleo association, as the meeting point of the notions of wellness, autonomy, sharing, quality, joy, respect and coherence. These are the values upheld by Evaleo.

The Evaleo association’s goal, objectives and values are not geographically limited. They respect and uphold the cultural values of individuals and of the populace.
The Association places Man at the centre of the action. For Evaleo, performance naturally follows well-being and the state of sustainable health of an individual within a community. Health must become a personalised process depending on an individual’s needs. This process must fit into the context of his daily life as well as in relation to the various circles within which he moves (professional, family, social, etc.). Every individual becomes the bearer of his own project and participates in the definition of his objectives according to his environment.
The Association encourages and facilitates an entrepreneurial spirit : each member can become an entrepreneur of his own health, an economic entrepreneur for sustainable health and a social entrepreneur.
The Association encourages involved participation : members decide their level of commitment according to their wishes, objective and resources, whilst also respecting the Association’s goals and objectives.
In its various initiatives and activities, the Association takes care to ensure that each member of the network upholds the same notions of sustainable health, ethics and the challenge this involves.

1. Definition set forth in Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, 1986.

2. Preamble adopted by the International Health Conference, New York, June 19-22, 1946; signed July 22, 1946 by representatives of 61 States; (Official Acts of the World Health Organization, no. 2, p. 100) and came into force April 7, 1948 to the Constitution of the World Health Organisation.